Has The Glass Ceiling Been Shattered?

A Family Portrait

So we went from having no representation on any musical competition on TV to having four. Yes, thats right four, yes you saw right gay and yes again they’re singers! And of course they are all great.

Having watched the debut of NBC’s newest reality talent show I knew it might be fun because of Christina (Aguilera) and Cee Lo (Green), and it was and is, but the needle on my gay-happy-place-meter jumped really high after the end of that first night.

I confess that after the second episode of “The Voice” I have declared this show to be the most gay on television (right now), with not one, not two, but four openly gay ‘real’ people. My people. I would even venture to guess that America has never seen gays like these four before. You know the ultra feminine or the wardrobe helping gay guy. They do run the gambit in variety this time around, so I would say we are very well represented as a community, which is more than I can saw about any show before, reality and / or scripted.

In truth they all have a great shot at making through the battle rounds and into the audience voted final rounds, but you be the judge..


Based in Austin, Texas, 36-year-old Nakia draws strength from his extended family and inspiration from the memory of his father. Until he passed away in 2009, Nakia’s dad encouraged him to follow his dreams. The bluesy singer knows he doesn’t look like a typical pop performer, but that doesn’t discourage him at all. He realizes that on The Voice, all that matters is how he sings.

Tyler Robinson

Raised in Idaho and Brazil, 20-year-old Tyler Robinson has always been just a little different. Superstitious, gay and Mormon, the performer is also passionate about tap dancing and musical theater. He’s determined to make a successful career as a musician, and with the support of his mom and coach Blake Shelton, he’s got a great shot.

Vicci Martinez

At only 26 years of age, this bluesy soul singer from Seattle, Washington has already opened for or shared the stage with notables such as Sting, Annie Lennox, B.B. King, the Doobie Brothers, Etta James, and Jonny Lang. She draws strong support from her family – and the memory of her father, who passed away five years ago.

And last and certainly not least is Floridian native Beverly McClellan, a rock n roll bald, tattooed, rock fiend…

A soulful rock singer with honest lyrics and a raw sound, Beverly plays over 10 instruments and has already released five independent albums. Originally from Virginia, she’s worked the clubs and bars around Fort Lauderdale, Florida for nearly 20 years, always looking for that big break.

So there you go folks, all four. Now I’m sure that not all of them will make it to the end but I am damn sure one atleast will, which would still make this show, history making in that it would present a out gay person as a viable competitor in a huge hit making show.

Watch the The Voice at it’s new time on NBC Tuesdays at 10/9c.


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