Chely Wright sets a date!

Last month out country singer Chely Wright who came out last May, announced her plans to wed her activist girlfriend, Lauren Blitzer.

Blitzer is the author of Same Sex in the City and is a former co-host of the video blog She Said What that aired on the lesbian website,

Wright who penned her memoir, Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer as a therapeutic way of coming out the closest, had said the prospect of being outed so terrified her she had tried to comment suicide on several occasions. And although she has insisted that one of her major fears had become a reality (losing her fans, and earning power). She has repeatedly stated that that is alright with her.

Chely Wright and her fiancee Lauren Blitzer

As the jubilant singer spoke of how she meet her fiancée, she beamed that they had proposed to each other and that they even designed their engagement rings together.

The happy couple will tie the knot in Connecticut on the 20th August. (Where it’s legal!)

After all she’s been through I would say that Miss Wright surly deserves a whole heap of happiness. Won’t you agree?

So congratulations so the happy couple and may we hear the wedding bells of some more of our Celesbians and that includes our allied friends as well.


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