The oh-no, the ah-hah and the awwh moments of week

So with all my good intentions, I still couldn’t post everyday as promised last week. had maintenance problems would you believe, haha! But never fear Super Tee to the….oh sorry. Huh..mmm excuse me, got kinda carried with…heh-umm..what was I…

Television: as we eagerly await not the announcements of the fall line-up from the major networks…let’s pause to celebrate our second bumper week of high visibility on the small screen.

On Tuesday (which I have now renamed as super gay-day; first was Glee and Prom, all hail pink dresses, spiked punch bowls and King and Queen of Prom.With Britannia in full swing mood, from Santana going full military police style to protect Kurt as part of the Bully Whips to Santana having to be comforted by Brittany after not winning Prom Queen.

Santana: “They must have sensed I’m a lesbian. They must’ve. Do I smell like a golf course?” (classic!!! 10+)

Brittany: “They don’t know what you’re hiding; they just know you’re not being yourself. If you had embraced all the awesomeness that you are, you would have won.”
Santana: “How do you know?”
Brittany: “Because I voted for you, and because I believe in you, Santana.
Santana: “This prom sucks. Now what am I supposed to do?”
Brittany: “Go back out there and be there for Kurt. This is gonna be a lot harder for him than it is for you.”

Sniff, sniff…please get me a hankie! No seriously, a hug, kisses, an extreme make-out session would have been ideal here. Anyone? *sign* and hope eternally moves on, two episodes to go!

Then there’s was NBC ‘The Voice’ and the head-to-head round. Every judge had choice and one from everyone’s team had to go. By the end of the night Tyler Robinson had been kicked out by his coach, Blake Shelton. Now was it only me or did I feel weird when everyone pick Tyler and then Shelton picked Patrick Thomas without an explanation?

Don’t get it twisted, Cee Lo choice to pair his two best singers. Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson to sing “Perfect” (ironic! You think) wasn’t the smartest thing to do but he more than made up for it by his choice at the end, saying that Vicci had given him a raw guttural feeling when she sings. Tell me, what do you think? Can she sing?

On Thursday, Callie made all kinds of cooing noises to her baby girl and Arizona had surgery all day, so it  really wasn’t a love fest after their wedding from the week before but that’s ok. I’m still taking the rice out my hair.

Surprisingly, on daytime soaps we all know that the networks abruptly announced that they were cancelling three stalwarts in Daytime TV, ATWT on CBS and OLTL and AMC on ABC. However it’s on All of My Children that concerns us. After having just brought back resident and beloved lesbian, Bianca (Eden Riegel) to the show, on the premise of she and her wife Reece (remember that storyline and wedding!) they have been teasing us with flirting and friendship between Bianca and Marissa, I haven’t watched it in a while but I’ll get a update and share it with y’ll soon.

And that was it on television this week, so ciao!


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