>Three out of Four ain’t Bad…

Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan and Nakia

So last night, The Voice aired the second phase of their knockout rounds and Cee Lo was up to his old trick of pairing arguably some of the highest rated talent of the show together. The showdown began with Nakia and Tje Austin singing Closer. Nakia came through with the pure power of his voice. Here’s a clip courtesy TheVoiceVEVO (YouTube)

Then it was Blake’s turn and thankfully he didn’t have any LGBTQ contestants to eliminate. His pairing was between the father of six, Jared Blake and the married duet of Josh & Nicole (Elenowen) and of course, he gave them a song totally out of left field. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough which surprisingly Jared took and brought it too the stage!
Javier Colon won against Angela Wolff on Adam Levine’s team. Singing Stand by Me, but then I knew it would be next to impossible to win against him.
Christina went last which was opposite to how she went in the first round. She picked Miami native Beverly McClellan to go against Cali guy, Justin Grennan. I got a little worried because although Beverly knew the song and Justin didn’t she has a tendency to shout and Justin can sing! But when it came down to it, the bald rocker just threw Justin under the bus. The song was tailer-made for her voice and although I was impressed with how quickly he learnt The Who’s Baba O’Riley, the win undoubtedly went to Beverly.

Beverly McClellan and Justin Grennan

So my dears has The Voice made history by allowing not one or two, but three out of the four LGBTQ singers they picked from the blind auditions. Only time will tell how far they all go but I for one am going to enjoy all the visibility we are getting! And you can all check back here next Wednesday for the recap and a little of my personal opinions.

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