>Angel’s Ashes Promo | A Remembrance to Bonnie

Samantha Novak is the lead actress for Angel’s Ashes, my short lesbian action film.

 She has something to say to all of you. Watch this video people and I dare you to keep dry eyes. I will let my beautiful leading lady tell you what’s on her mind. Remember to  tune in to YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and anywhere we can place it on the 18th June 2011.

Angel’s Ashes is a story of love and survival of spirit and body.
Five years ago after being honorably dismissed from the army, Max had come home to reconcile with her family when evil stepped into their lives in an evening she will never forget and changed her forever.
Now love has once again beckoned, can she forget what once was and prepare for what life can be?

Starring: Sam Novak, the late Bonnie Owen, Kayla Navin,
                Jerry Lesperance, Elijah Vang and Seth Nayes.
Written:  Tamara Spicer (ChinaDolly Production)
Directed/Edit/Dp/VFX: Lucky Cha (Formless Film)
Sound Editing/Composer: Jessica Walker
Theme Song: More Than This by Jessica Walker
For more information go to:

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