Sacha Parkinson is Leaving!

For any lesbian out there who doesn’t know her by name, they would definitely know her by her telly name, Sian. She is one half of the English soap Coronation Street’s first lesbian couple, the adorable Sian and Sophie and she is loved by a legion of fans worldwide.

However it has been rumored, but still yet to be confirmed by ITV, that the 19-year-old Sacha who has played Sian Powers, Sophie Webster’s girlfriend, in the Weatherfield drama for over a year has not renewed her contract.

It is very shocking news that Parkinson has decided not to renew her contract. A source on the set said: “Sacha is a very talented and very young actress. She has her whole career in front of her.” Sacha will leave as early as the spring of 2012 and is set to have an explosive exit.

There is talk that Sophie will take up with Dev’s daughter Amber who left Corrie to study at uni in London but on her return to Weatherfield, falls for Sophie and has an affair with her, devastating Sian.

Now I’ve got to say, after I lost Emily and Naomi, I felt even with the fickleness of the soap format of rotating doors of actors that occurs with these types of shows that their sensitive portrayal of these two much loved characters who go the distance.

If the rumors are true and Miss Parkinson really is leaving I cannot tell how very disturbed I will be for the lose of another beloved small-screen couple.

I will keep you all abreast of further news on the topic! There is a gallery of photos shot of the girls in question in the sidebar. Ta!


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