Lezzies Meter: Celesbians on the Go

Ok ladies our women in Hollywood have been very busy, even the ones coming into their own who might be familiar to us already. One in particular is Jessica Clark, the ex-model and very out and married actress has signed on to do the new dramedy from Cinemax called Chemistry. Jessica will play Chantal, “the soon-to-be eighth wife of Chad Everett,” who is a “playboy” and father to the lead character on the 13 episode first season.

It seems Cinemax having added more mainstream big-budgeted shows to their line-up, have decided to keep their late night scripted dramas closer to their brand of erotic programming with the introduction of the anthology Femme Fatales (soon to be added to P2) and Chemistry. So we know we should expect very erotic scenes. Description on Deadline. But since it will not premiere until fall, you’ll have to do with having a peak of her during Raven Symone’s new ABC Family pilot of State of Georgia. Also don’t forget she’ll also co-star in Nicole Conn’s latest, ‘A Perfect Ending‘.

> Jane Lynch’s memoir, “Happy Accidents” co-written with her wife, Lara Embry is more than just another puff piece by an overindulged actor. Instead it is a very thought provoking look into the usually private comedic actress’s life, her struggles with confidence and her coming out process.

She has said that she was inspired to write the book after she had had the most successful run of her career since landing the role of Sue Sylvester on the hit show, Glee. She wishes she could have told her younger more anxious self not to worry so much.

Lynch is set to start filming The Three Stooges where she will play Mother Superior (who raises the Stooges as children) and then it’s on to host the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards on September 18th.

> Out actress Jasika Nicole from the Fox Sci-Fi thriller, Fringe was featured in their new “Fans Ask” series.

> Also I have some sad news to report. Sia has confirmed that she and DJ/singer/actress JD Samson have broken up but have remained friends, we wish them well.

>Now that Jillian Michaels has left The Biggest Loser, her replacement Cara Castronuova (ex-boxer/actress) is about to hit the big times and her reps are desperate to disspell any of the gay rumors swirling around the trainer, even though she is the former girlfriend of God-des from God-des and She and she even made appearances in their 2007 music video of ‘Love You Better’.

She also acted in the 2010 lesbian film Flick’s Chick. NBC and her reps have declined any attempts by the gay media to interview the trailer. (As if that would work? Good job NBC, you condemn Tracy Morgan for his rant but then you try to push the straight halo on your new trainer).

Below is the music video in question. Can you spot her? What do you think of NBC / Reps move?

The Voice on Tuesday 14th had their first results show and to my surprise (and I’m sure yours), America saved Beverly McClellan. Yippppy! XTina went on to save Frenchie herself…times are a changing!

SYTYCD premiered the final 20 boys and girls to the live show last week and choreographer and dancer, Sonya Tayeh instructed the girls group dance routine with a Geisha themed dance. That and this week’s dance between Melanie (personal best female for me) and Marko on contemporary is on LINAB, so check it out, they were fantastic.

See you guys, scene!


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