>Tracy Morgan in Nashville to Apologize!

On June 21, Comedian Tracy Morgan has again apologized for his words and behavior during one of his shows earlier this month in Nashville, Tennessee. He returned to Nashville and met with GLAAD, local advocates and the media in Nashville to apologize for anti-gay remarks made at the June 3 stand-up performance.

Morgan had a sit down in-front of the media, with Kevin Rogers. Rogers was in the audience at the time of Tracy’s blow-out and was the first to share the story with the world when he posted his disappointment on his Facebook page at Morgan’s homophobic and hateful jabs (see article). Also at the table, Herndon Graddick (Senior Director of Programs, GLAAD).

Watch the video below to get his apology, then tell me what you think? His it that he’s running scared because the people he so closely works with and depend on for his livelihood have threaten him into making * nicey nice* or do you see this as a heart felt and sincere apology from someone (ok let’s say it, he’s indicative of a typical a black celebrity hetero male) that genuinely needed an education in Gayonometrics101?

Tell me what you think? Or do you just think it’s time to stop talking about it?


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