The Voice: Beverly and Vicci Are In

The end of the season is coming super fast to The Voice. Tuesday’s semi-finals had to mixture of great and not so performances.

After been shocked that given the chance to vote the American public had voted for Beverly McClellan, a bald-head rocker lesbian chick during the first semis, I did not have hope for them repeating the feat, but my girls belted out some serious performances that bought the house down. Here’s how it went down…

Fifth to take the stage was Beverly McClellan, the second to sing from Xtina’s team. She was given BB King‘s The Thrill Is Gone. Christina in her infinite wisdom chose a song that forced Beverly to slow down and show a softer more bluesy side of classic rocker. She showed that as she took to the stage on a piano, but amped it up as she delivered her best performance to date.

Singing last for the night, Vicci Martinez from Team Cee Lo had to sing Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine. When she began I thought that having her beat on those drums were a nice gimmick, but then she got into the Chorus and she had me. Everything just came together for me, her voice, the drums and her stage presence lifted the powerhouse into stardom.

So the results were revealed the day after (June 22) and surprise, surprise. I was right and wrong at the same time. I was right in choosing the final four but wrong in judging how America would have voted. Both women were chosen to sing in the finals along with Javier Colon and Dia Frampton.

Be sure to look at the finals and if you can vote for the girls they are really good. Wouldn’t you say? What do you think?


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