TV Land – Lezzy Style

So I think by now you have all heard the results of The Voice and I said to myself, “Self, we are going to be big about this”. Fuck that shit! Ok so Javier Colon is a good singer but the duet he sang with Stevie Nick (one of my favorites) didn’t have me bawling like every other kiss-ass said.

The fact that Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez didn’t even get enough votes to place them in the top two is ridiculous. Especially Beverly, who really surprised me by her performance singing a duet, ‘Beautiful’ Christina’s mega hit. I am now officially a bigger Christina Aguilera fan than before. She earned mad props from me and I think alot of the gay community by working with Sia and bringing to the for-front the butchest lesbian I think prime-time has ever seen and working the duet with the song’s writer on-stage, Lindy Perry.

But have no fear to one and all, the warrior rocker Vicci Martinez announced that she’ll be ready to drop her new album soon and a deal is already in the works. Of the four finalist only Beverly hasn’t announced a record deal but I’m sure it’s a matter of timing and not lack of offers…

Since I seem to have us a slump why not keep the whole atmosphere going! Our favourite detective is being replaced, by choice mind you. For the first-time, the 13th season of the hit series Law & Order: SVU will not have in it’s line-up series original Eric Stabler (Chris Meloni) as he has left the show.

And after much Google hunting, The rumors that Mariska Hargitay is reducing her work load on the show, taking a primary role as by the 13th episode of the new season she will get supervisory promotion from the rank of detective.

So obviously there will be two new detectives this year, Meloni will be replaced by former Cold Case’s Dani Pino and in to take over Mariska’s detective work, is actress Kelli Giddish, who’s recently defunct NBC series, Chase, which may not be that bad and I think I see Rainbow colored steps in the horizon..

Here’s hoping loyal fans of the both detectives Stabler and Benson, stay on to make the changes a success. The photo below should remind you how hot Giddish can be with a badge.

It seems all of you loyal and apparently patient ‘The Good Wife’ fans who were hoping for more of Kalinda and Sophia rolling around, would have to wait for Kalinda to find a hot new interest. In the meantime since the scene was quite hot, I will include the following eye-candy shots of our girls…

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