Lip Service – Season 2: The Cast

Backtrack late 2010, and BBC3 offers up the most enjoyable lesbian dramatic series since The L Word, Lip Service. In fact the description of Lip Service as a “dramatic series about the sex, lies and true love in modern Scotland, follows the lives of a group of twenty-something lesbians”, turned out to be quite trite.

Indeed by the end of the last episode of the first season, lesbians the world over had fallen in love and were quite vehemently debating whether LS was better than TLW and by how much better. Even die-hard fans of TLW agreed it was much better than the TLW after Erin Daniels exit of the show.

Fans decided which characters were their favourites and hundreds if not thousands of blogs and websites dedicated to LP devotion were spoon fed by the clever writing of creator Harriet Braun, who had created a triangular love affair that demanded its fans to draw battle lines between characters detective Sam (Team Sam) and the roguishly handsome but tortured Frankie/Eleanor (Team Frankie). They invoked such loyalty that it could have rivalled even the fierce army of Twilight’s team Jacob/Edward fans.

Having such fans, the anticipation of Season two was very high but then BBC3 announced that LS will not be back on our screens until 2012. BBC3 already took eons to confirm that a second season was truly on and then as quickly as they had raised our spirits, they dashed it away by adding the late and vague return date of the show.

And although shooting of the 2nd season was completed in early July of this year, we would have to wait a whole six, maybe seven more months before we can once again a line ourselves deeply into the trenches of either team Frankie/Eleanor or team Sam.

Truth and in fact, taking account that season one ended November 2010, and say it returns January (we hope, no defined date as yet) 2012, that would make it fourteen months between seasons. Jesus! Are they literally trying to kill us? On top of all that, the glaring omission was the tally of episodes that season 2 will contain is ridiculous. What the hell is a fan to do?

Apart from Roxanne McKee, who is now on Showtime’s Game of Thrones, the entire cast is back in. The big news is the additions of new cast members. There are a number of additions, guest and the usual suspects.

Guest spots were announced but as to the roles each would be portraying BBC3 didn’t give away much, but they did release one plot line involving the 3-way that is Sam, Cat and Frankie. Anna Skellern, (The Decent 2, Siren) will be playing straight talking Australian doctor, Lexie, will also be creating ripples within the Frankie/Cat/Sam triangle and Adam Sinclair (Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy) as irreverent, gay doctor, Declan Love.

Other exciting new characters being introduced in season two but whose character plots or descriptions have not been disclosed are Neve McIntosh (Doctor Who, Single Father), Sinead Keenan (Being Human) and out actress Alana Hood (Field Of Blood). Hallelujah, another lesbian on set.

So until 2012 I think I have a small solution to not having the girls on our screens soon, I am leaving you with some photos of our favourite women and a look at the new additions to the show, and yes I am wetting my lips along with you.

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Coming next: General descriptions of new characters and the actresses who will play them.


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