Candy Bar Girls Better Than TRLW?

Candy Bar Girls is the new reality show from Channel 5 in the UK. It’s based on the ins and outs, loves and lives of a group of lesbians either working and playing at the famous lesbian bar of the same name. The story is being told in a six-part documentary soiree style shoot.

From the first episode it was blaringly evident that this was nothing like we had been subjected to with The Real L Word. The whole format is different, the girls are right sweeter, cuter and definitely nuttier. To sum it up, just as it’s dramatic counter-part Lip Service, it is a step above in the entertainment factor.

As always I have a bit of a treat, included aftermy revolving door of a slide, I shall present the characters that make up this very entertaining cast.

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The Cast – [In order]

Alex and Sam.
From the only gay in the village to the heart of lesbian life in London.

Christina Novelli
Singer-songwriter Christina is daughter of celebrity chef Jean Christophe Novelli.

From posh school girl to the performing arts, Danni returns to London to carve out a career.

Jo Webber
Successful internet marketer Jo has returned to London after a stint in the USA.

Natalie and Kayleigh State
Identical twin Natalie moves to London and lands her dream job.

Rach and Rox
Rach and Rox are university sweethearts.

Shabby Katchadourian
Big Brother star Shabby has been showing her entrepreneurial side since leaving the house

DJ Lil’ Jo
DJ Lil’ Jo is one of the hottest female DJs on the gritty club scene.

Candy Girls can be seen through links on Popcorn ‘N Tits.


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