Lisbeth is Coming:New Extended Trailer

There have been many voices that have argued the merit for any other version than the original Swedish film, mine being one of those. However, a few days ago Columbia Pictures released an extended trailer of director David Fincher’s American version of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on iTunes Trailer.

Hmmm, I for one have changed my mind after looking at this offering. Mainly because I have to admit that actress Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth is actually closer to Larsson’s description of the character in the books. In fact looking at it closely, all of it looks as though it was done not as a copy of the Swedish hit but more as a visual extension of Larsson’s thoughts.

With less than three months before the opening, I will admit they have intrigued me enough to be excited to see this in December, are you?


One thought on “Lisbeth is Coming:New Extended Trailer

  1. Just fond your blog and love it!

    I’m definitely going to see it and it looks really good. I’m not quite sure about Mara’s voice in the trailer. However, some of the shots look superb and Craig is Blomkvist, there is no argument. I’ll review it when it comes out on my blog!

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