Anyone But Me to the End


Aster Gaston (Nicole Pacent) & Vivian McMillan (Rachael Hip-Flores)

After three seasons and 11 million views worldwide, we’re bringing our groundbreaking series to an end with a special SERIES FINALE, dedicated to our fans. 
We plan to air the extra long episode in early 2012.

Those are the words posted on the ‘Anyone But Me’ website by creators, Tina Cesa Ward and playwright Susan Miller about one of the most successful and popular queer webseries ever.

The news of the show’s impending demise has been met with utter disappointment and sadness by a barrage of LGBTQI people from around the world, who eagerly marked their calendars on the announcement of each of the seasons première dates.

However the announcement really didn’t come as earth shattering news because rumours had been circulating and many were apt to speculation when the Season 3 of the award-winning show only managed to produced five episodes as opposed to the ten and nine episodes from both the previous seasons in succession.

The beloved lead actresses of ABM, Nicole Pacent and Rachael Hip-Flores are both very talented and beautiful and we at PNT wish them and the rest of the cast the very best of luck in their respective careers.

As for the creators of the show they have embarked on another journey. A new webseries called, Bestsellers. So check it out I promise it isn’t bad!

What we are left with ladies of my clan is the bittersweet knowledge that both Tina and Susan are feverishly working towards giving us a grand send off by promising the longest episode ever. Donations are being procured as I write to do just that. Please follow the links given below to contribute in any way you can for one last time.


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