Thinking Straight Is not An Option, Its a Webseries!

“You’ve asked, and we’ve listened!” . Those were the words used earlier this week by writer/director Shamim Sarif and producer Hanan Kattan of Enlightenment Productions through their YouTube channel. They announced that their very successful film, ‘I Can’t Think Straight’ will be soon be presented as a webseries.

After overwhelming demand for more of the story between Tala (Lisa Ray) and Leyla (Sheetal Sheth), the power duo of Sarif and Kattan conducted a detailed survey . The response seems to have been positive as they have started development of the series.

In the video they launched the fundraising campaign set up to bring what seems to quickly becoming a highly anticipating series. Given the high production value of their two previous features, ICTS and the award-winning, The World Unseen, this blogger has no doubt that the webseries would be anything but a success.

They have created a website for the webseries where you can donate directly to the project. They have also outlined the number of episodes (15) and duration (6 min) of the first season. It has not been announced whether the series will be offered free or syndicated but I will keep you informed as further details are disclosed.

One of the most delightful news to report is that beloved actress Sheetal Sheth will be reprising her role. You can see Sheetal Sheth in another award-winning feature, Three Veils by Rolla Selbak (Making Maya) playing in festivals right now.

Unfortunately Lisa Ray, who as you recall successfully battled cancer last year will not be available to do the same. It will be interesting to see who they will get to fill her most revered shoes.

In the meantime as you make your donation, you can also support the team by purchasing the DVD, legal download, novel and audio book.


5 thoughts on “Thinking Straight Is not An Option, Its a Webseries!

  1. i have an idea. they can still make lisa act and base the series on a relationship battling with cancer and the pressure that they both are under and the fight to still make their relationship loving and romantic.

  2. I am in the u.s. will there be something available for me since our restrictions do differ from other countries? Also, I would much prefer to see Lisa and sheetal together as they have a amazing and believable connection that I would like to see the story progress with. It just wouldn’t be the same.

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