Lip Service Season 2 Gets a Date!


Cast changes for season 2 of Lip Service!

Finally after (17) seventeen months of being off our screens BBC3’s Sapphic drama series, Lip Service will begin its highly anticipated Season 2 on Friday 20th April at 9 pm (21:00).

To say it’s near the top of the list of every queer and not so queer feline in the world’s must-see-TV listing with any knowledge of it is a damn understatement BUT there you have it.

I give voice to end the period of suffering we have all experienced during the extended absence BBC3 handed out to this show. I boldly concur that all comparisons between The USA’s The L Word and The UK’s Lip Service should stop, for reasons I really don’t feel is needed to post. All I can advice is if you haven’t seen Season 1, do.

Now to the business at hand. The fact that BBC3 have again managed to deflate my brightly painted gay-coloured helium balloon  before it takes proper flight frustrates me to no end but alas they have. My mind is left confused as if I had been contemplating the formula of the journey to Mars in a car. How in heaven’s name can we only get 6? SIX!!! Six fuc*@#! episodes. Are they crazy?

The best lesbian drama on television in the world, is given a mere sex episodes to explain the complexities of not one but four plus lesbians. Have they even met a lesbian? We personify the word itself. Can we realistically expect Harriet (Braun) to answer the questions we seek.

I know she is a goddess with the pen but I have no doubt the end the Season 2 will find me just about the same way Season 1 did. Confused, bombarded with imagery (lesbian sexual positions never seen before on TV) and salving with unapologetic want for the next season to begin.

The most boiling question I need answered is what will Cat do? Who will she choose and should she even be given the right to choose? What is the question you need answered? Give me some feedback in the comments below and look forward to seeing all 6 episode on my other blog. (Follow the PNT Tv link to popcorn ‘n tits)

Full character/actor credits are as followed; Cat is played by Laura Fraser, Sam by Heather Peace, Frankie by Ruta Gedmintas, Tess by Fiona Button, Nora by Sinéad Keenan, Hugh by Stuart McQuarrie, Lexy by Anna Skellern, Sadie by Natasha O’Keeffe, Jay by Emun Elliott and Ed by James Anthony Pearson.

Episode Guide from 1 – 3 (Spoilers)

Frankie Monologue (For team FranCat)

Sam’s Monologue (For team SaCat)


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