Summer Tv: Dramas not Sports

Pretty Little Liars

The secrets return as the girls are back for Season 4.

This summer for all you non-sporty lesbians out there finding good tv other than sports will prove to be  a nightmare, but have no fear for you my darling subscribers and followers I have rounded up three series that will have you entertained for the duration.

Although Lip Service has come and gone and Bo and Lauren will not be gracing our small screens before summer’s end, we do have serveral choice picks.

Whether 11 or 41 or older, you along with a growing number of queer and not so queer female fans will have just started on your third season of your favorite teenage thriller, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (PLL). With Maya’s death and the revelation of  Mona being ‘A’ (or atleast one of them!) there is plenty for us to look forward to and of course with knowledge it then opens up a multitude of new questions, like who will be Emily’s new girlfriend? Will it be Paige or someone new?

If the teenage angst isn’t your cup of tea and you’re sick to death with the genre, you might prefer the realistic route or Hollywood’s version of it. Then reality series ‘The Real L Word’ is your medicine.

The new cast members of TRLW season 3

The infusion of new blood and the merging of New York and Cali lesbians should be a riot. Of course main stay Whitney and Romi are back. For full dets on the new season read up on it here! The new season begins on the 12th July.

Gotten from a tip by fellow blogger lezstar on her blog ‘All Things Lesbian’ (which just happens to be my channel’s name on YouTube) I was introduced to the new BBC1’s latest drama, True Love. The five episode drama is about five different improvised stories exploring the reality of love in the modern world. For such a short story it sure is packed with English television’s acting elite. The line-up includes David Tennant (Doctor Who), Ashley Walters (Top Boy), Billie Piper (Secret Diary of a Call Girl), Jane Horrocks (Absolutely Fabulous ) and Kaya Scodelario (Skins).

True Love

The drama runs all this week (17th-22nd June, 2012) on BBC1 at 10:45pm. The series is fabulous in its awesomeness. The acting is sublime and the stories express a realism that is almost startling. I wholly recommend you watch the entire series, not just the episode with the lesbian storyline, which is episode 3. Its stars Billie Piper as Holly, who teaches at a college. She’s having an unsatisfying affair with a married man and suddenly develops a kindred friendship with one of her students, Karen (Kaya Scodelario). The two fall deeply in love and ….well I better leave the ending for your eyes. For those of you not able to view BBC1 can follow the series on my blog, Popcorn ‘n Tits.

So there you have it, ..for now! I will of course bring anything my ears hear and my eyes see as fast as my little feet can fleet. Cherrio, Ciao and goodbye. Kisses  – Tee


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