The New Stylized World of Lesbian Tv

We are most excited about the addition of two new television series from Canada and Australian. Both with lesbian and queer characters and relationships in its fold and fortunately both have  followed the new trend of not including these themes as just a sweepstakes ploy or male catching gimmick.

pictureFirstly the highly successful Canadian-made, BBC America produced drama, Orphan Black, a sci-fi TV series co-created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett. This suspenseful, sexy thriller features Tatiana Maslany in the lead role of Sarah Manning, an outsider and orphan. After witnessing a traumatic incident she assumes the identity of a look-a-like, Elizabeth Childs, and is thrown head first into a dangerous and mind-numbing mystery wrapped around the fact that she is a clone.

It has been highly lauded by the critics as well as fans especially for its main protagonist and her powerful and believable portrayal of so many contrasting characters. One of these characters is a biologist, Cosima Niehaus.

Though Cosima’s background hasn’t been fully explored, we do know that she  is studying for her PhD in Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology, she is originally from San Francisco a and is gay.  Her relationship with the charming French student Delphine develops intimately, despite warnings from Sarah and her own suspicions of Delphine being her monitor. Delphine initially pushed by Dr Leekie to return Cosima’s advances unwittingly falls for her…for more see all 10 episodes at Popcorn’ n Tits.

tumblr_inline_mm97lltscE1qz4rgpThe second series introduced is the modern and revamped spin of the iconic Australian drama, ‘Prisoners’ that ran from 1979 to 1986. Wentworth is the new 10-series conceptualized drama that from its premiere episode blasted onto the screens as bold, honest and confronting.

This contemporary version isn’t just a mere remake of its predecessor but a realistic view of incarcerated women and their lives inside the wall that binds them.

Wentworth focuses on remanded prisoner Bea Smith when she first enters prison. Her separation from her daughter and being forced to learn how living in prison works.

All 10 episodes from both series have been added to Popcorn and rested assured they both have been picked up for a second 10-episode season, slated to air in 2014.


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