The Golden Globes Nod to Queer Characters

The Golden Globe nominations came down yesterday and as I read the list, I began to get more and more excited. Especially in light of the fact that the beloved Spanish couple of Christina and Isabel (Crisabel) are no more,  but much more on that later. What got me so joyous was the fact that several of actresses that played queer have been nominated in their various categories.

Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany

Let’s start with the Best Actress in a Drama Series. To the delight of lesbian everywhere, Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) and Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black) were nominated. Score two for the lady queer factions. Also among their group are Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), Kerry Washington (Scandal) and Robin Wright (House of Cards).

My money is on rookie Tatiana Maslany for the unbelievable job on the BBC America dark thriller, as she portrays seven distinctive characters including, Sarah Manning, a street smart British orphan; Allison Hendrix, an uptight  homemaker and Cosima Niehaus, the dread-wearing, tattooed science geek. Although snubbed in this year Emmy race, she did pick up Best Actress in a Drama Series at the Critics’ Choice Awards this past June. Beating out multiple Emmy winner Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad along with Bates Motel’s Vera Farmiga, Parenthood’s Monica Potter and The Americans’ Rhys.


Taylor Schilling

In contrast, one of the year’s most talked about shows, Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black was not nominated, except for lead actress Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper Chapman, one of the few anti-heroines on TV.  Sure there are a number of male anti-heroes but none are female at the moment and Schilling plays Piper as beautifully flawed and complexed character. She is selfish, thoughtless and entitled but she’s also has a big heart, so much so that she doesn’t know what she wants or who and we love her for it.

Congratulations also goes out to Sally Hawkins for her Golden Globe nominations in the Best Supporting Actress category for the film Blue Jasmine.

As you will recall, she has acted in two of our most beloved English dramas, ‘Tipping the Velvet’ (2002) and Fingersmith (2005), which were both adapted from writer Sarah Waters’ books of the same name.

And finally in the best news ever, the French sensation, Blue is the Warmest Colour, has gained a nod on the Best Foreign Film list. For those that have had the pleasure of seeing the film or like I call it the masterpiece, it this film doesn’t win it will be a travesty of injustice. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival it was awarded the Palme d’Or, when though it is over 3 hours long and it was the first film ever that the award was ever given to both director and actresses.

Congratulations to all the nominees. The 71st annual Golden Globes, airing Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. ET/5 PT on NBC.

Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox

In other happy news Crystal Bowersox the season 9 American Idol runner-up, confirms she’s bisexual in a tweet about her new Christmas single, ‘Coming Out for the Christmas’. Crystal has stated that she wrote the song because so many LGBTQ youth are homeless because of their sexual orientation. The AI alumni who also has a new look as she cut off her signature dreadlocks, says he hopes her song will inspire LGBTQ youth to find the strength to come out to family and friends this holiday season.

Isabel and Cristina (crisabel).PNG

Isabel Lobo (Adriana Torrebejano,l) and Cristina (Berta Hernández,r)

Now in the most heartbreaking news to hit only the Fan Fic crowd but the thousands of international fans throughout the world. The endearing couple of Cristina (Berta Hernández) and Isabel Lobo (Adriana Torrebejano) or more widely known as Crisabel, have been cruelly ripped apart by the sudden and untimely death of Christina. Yet again the Spanish have proven that they cannot sustain a loving, enriched and productive lesbian relationship without killing one of the two partners.

Since the showing of Christina’s death at the hands of Isabel’s husband Jorge. All message boards have lit up by protesting fans outraged at the turn of events. There has even been a hoard of dedication YouTube videos in protest of the silly and quick demise of the character.


Adriana Torrebejano (Isabel Lobo)

Below is a small consolation from me and the girls from Lesbicanarias. Adriana Torrebejano sat with Rogue from the website, about her experiences of playing Isabel on the Spanish period series, Tierra de Lobos. [Source]

Finally because I can’t in good conscience leave you in such a state, here is some good news. Daytime legend, Crystal Chappell, creator and producer of Venicetheseries and one-half of Otalia, the best television couple ever. Which was one of only a handful of tv-lesbian couples that ended on a good note, is back at it again and bring another formidable lesbian-themed webseries, Beacon Hill. Crystal has teamed up Bella Productions (Bella Books) head, Linda Hill to introduce the new, bold world of soaps, lesbian style.


The cast includes several daytime soap veterans.  Alicia Minshew,Sarah BrownRicky Paull Goldin, Tina SloanLouise SorelRon RainesMelissa ArcherJohn-Paul LavoisierScott BryceJessica MorrisRebecca Mozo and Chappell herself.

The story evolves around the Sara Preston (Alicia Minshew) and her ex., State Representative Katherine Wesley (Sarah Brown), the world of Politics in Boston, Massachusetts, the rift between their two families and their own drama. Check the full synopsis at their website and enjoy their first teaser. Beacon Hill will debut in March 2014 but you can follow along on Facebook and Twitter!


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