Out with Jason Leaver – The Interview about ‘Out with Dad’

PNT Tv has had the webseries Out With Dad, on our program listing from it’s very first episode to it’s current Episode 203 and all I can say is that OWD is the best coming-of-age, family oriented, teenage driven, self-discovery, LGBTQ webseries in Canada, most likely in North America and quite possibly, the world.

The series has been given a number of awards for the show, their actors and their use of music. It is published in six different languages besides English and during their hiatus in-between seasons, they were shown on the Canadian television channel Rogers TV from Toronto in an hour-long version. Premiering on Monday, March 14th at 11:00PM.

If by the slightest chance you’ve missed it until now, Out With Dad is about a 15 year-old teenager girl, Rose and Nathan, her totally devoted and loving father. The two share a positive and very close relationship. The story follows Rose as she comes of age and comes out of the closet as Dad/Nathan tries his best to create a smooth and painless path for Rose to do so but unfortunately Nathan sometimes tries too hard…sometimes comically, sometimes tragically… Continue reading


TRLW: Season Two, Episode one: Was It Too Real?

So on Sunday night I hunkered down (thanks to the net I was only 2hrs after the official debut) to watch the mess that is Whitney, and see what this new (diverse) cast had to offer. Continue reading