TV Land – Lezzy Style

So I think by now you have all heard the results of The Voice and I said to myself, “Self, we are going to be big about this”. Fuck that shit! Ok so Javier Colon is a good singer but the duet he sang with Stevie Nick (one of my favorites) didn’t have me bawling like every other kiss-ass said.

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The Voice: Beverly and Vicci Are In

The end of the season is coming super fast to The Voice. Tuesday’s semi-finals had to mixture of great and not so performances.

After been shocked that given the chance to vote the American public had voted for Beverly McClellan, a bald-head rocker lesbian chick during the first semis, I did not have hope for them repeating the feat, but my girls belted out some serious performances that bought the house down. Here’s how it went down… Continue reading

>Three out of Four ain’t Bad…

Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan and Nakia

So last night, The Voice aired the second phase of their knockout rounds and Cee Lo was up to his old trick of pairing arguably some of the highest rated talent of the show together. The showdown began with Nakia and Tje Austin singing Closer. Nakia came through with the pure power of his voice. Here’s a clip courtesy TheVoiceVEVO (YouTube) Continue reading