The Queer Word ’round Town

Nisha Adhikari (Kiran) and Deeya Maskey (Diya) in Soongava.

Nisha Adhikari (Kiran) and Deeya Maskey (Diya) in Soongava.

The lesbian film Soongava: Dance of the Orchids is being submitted by Nepal as their contender for next year’s foreign-language Oscar category according to Variety.

‘Soongava’ tells the tale of independent and strong-willed Diya, a Nepalese dancer. She develops a close relationship with fellow dance pupil, Kiran. Distraught at the news that her parents have found a suitor for her to marry, Diya and Kiran deepen their relationship and become lovers. Breaking off her engagement Diya risks everything to be with Kiran. Continue reading


Pre-Summer Delights


Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace face off as Frenemies in Brian De Palma’s Passion.

Updates have been few and far between from me on the news front about current happenings on the telly, movie and small screens and I apologize but I had been working on the script of my new film project which is now and truly in development. “When Ashes Fall” has actually begun its fundraising campaign, for more information visit its website/blog.

Popular and very much in demand actress Noomi Rapace has along with her up-coming summer blockbuster, “Prometheus” set to hit theaters come June 8th, a starring role in director Brian De Palma’s Passion along with Rachel McAdams. Continue reading